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STAROIL's formation was the result for an alternative way to fill the gap in the field of Commercial Fuels supply. STAROIL became the first Cypriot oil company to import and distribute fuels directly to commercial customers.

As of 2011 STAROIL began expansion of its activities in the retail market of automotive fuels.The first petrol station was established on the 1st of May 2011 in Avgorou village,in the Famagusta district.

Six more petrol stations,in Kiti (Larnaca), Chloraka (Paphos),Pera Orinis, Tseri,  Paliometocho and Anthoupoli  (Nicosia) were later added to the network.

In respect to the environment,all STAROIL stations are equipped with Phase II vapour recovery system. 

Staroil products meet and exceed European specifications.


STAROIL can supply all types of petroleum products traded in Cyprus market.

Gasoil with 0.1% sulphur content, suitable for boilers, heaters and generators.

Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel with 10 ppm sulphur content meeting Cyprus specifications and European Standard EN590.

High quality Gasolines with Research Octane Number 95 and 98 suitable for all types of gasoline cars.

Illuminating kerosene for heating purposes

Automotive and commercial vehicle supply of CASTROL lubricants with full technical support.

STAROIL supports TAMASSIA festival 2014

For a third consecutive year  STAROIL was the main sponsor for the Tamassia festival, which took place on October 4th 2014 at Politiko village.

Thousands of festival goers attended the event, where there were exhibition kiosks showing old traditional crafts of the trade.

The main event of the festival featured traditional folklore dancing from Crete.

As the main sponsor, STAROIL participated through it’s own information kiosk distributing leaflets about the company’s products and services.

New Service Station in Anthoupoli

On the 27th of March we commenced operations of our new -and biggest so far-  Service station in Anthoupoli (Nicosia), situated on Ayiou Georgiou road.

This modern Service station is fully equipped with the latest technology fuel pumps that have vapour recovery systems(Phase I & II),which reduce considerably fuel emmisions to the atmosphere. As in all our Service stations you can find high-quality fuels (95 and 98 Octane Gasolines, Heating oil,Low Sulphur and Automotive Gasoil) at competitive prices, and a wide range of Castrol lubricants.The Service station also provides services for oil change,automated vehicle washing,tyre checking/inflating station and home delivery of Heating Fuels.